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Looking for a boat lift in Seychelles?
Choose wisely . . . (6 things to look out for).

Best boat lift in Seychelles

When choosing a service to haul-out, left and launch your vessel, be sure to choose wisely. Here at Taylor Smith Naval Services, we have taken active steps to ensure your vessel is safeguarded and protected under our care. Here are 6 things to consider when choosing a company to do your next lift and launch.

We Are Insured
We have you covered for up to $5 Million per incident whilst under our care.

Our Equipment is World-Class
Our PDN Travel Lift is expertly engineered and fully certified safe to the highest international standards.

Our Equipment is Expertly Maintained
Not only do our on-site team of engineers keep our travel lift in tip-top shape, but we also replace our slings every 2 years - more often than necessary, but the safety of your vessel is our top-priority.

Our Team are Leading Experts in Seychelles
Our travel-lift operators have a minimum of 6-years experience lifting all manner of vessels, in all types of conditions.

We are Capable, Providing the Complete Suite of Marine Services
We are a One-Stop boating facility offering a full-spectrum of marine services, backed by a team of expert engineers. What’s more, all work carried out is backed by warranty and fully insured.

Our Site & Boatyard Are Secure
Not only do we have 24 hour security and CCTV surveillance, but only our clients and employees are given secure digital access to enter our yard.

Our Providence Facility.


Our Victoria Facility.


Looking for Expert Marine Services in Seychelles?
The obvious choice: Taylor Smith Naval Services, the Full-Service, One-Stop Marine Solution in Seychelles! | Take the stress out of vessel storage, repair and maintenance and contact us today to find out how we can help you..
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