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Sailing Seychelles: Island Profile – La Digue

January 18, 2018

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TSN presents an overview to sailing La Digue Island


Arriving at La Digue feels like sailing straight into a painting, brimming with brush strokes of blue, green and tan. The beaches here are spectacular, particularly Grand Anse and Anse Source d'Argent, which is strewn with pink granite rocks. There are very few cars here, so traveling by bike or by ox cart is the way to go. Pedal over to Ile de Cocos for snorkeling or gawk at the rare Paradise Flycatcher (a beautiful black bird) at the Veuve Nature Reserve.



La Digue is one of the main islands in Seychelles' Inner Islands group, and is roughly 53 kms from the main island of Mahé and just 11 kms from Praslin Island (these distance will vary depending on which side of these islands you are travelling from).


The port of La Digue welcomes only four to six yachts at a time. You have to contact the harbour master before arrival on VHF channel 16 to receive permission to moor. Failing that, if sea conditions are fair,  just outside the harbour (make sure you are not in the waterway) may offer safe anchorage as it is sheltered by nearby islands. La Digue itself does not offer any sheltered bays, however you could cruise around looking for a safe spot if sea conditions allow. 

For overnight mooring the harbour is your best bet. If you are unable to moor inside, then the area just outside the harbour may be safe enough depending on sea conditions - yes your discretion, and if in doubt, don't. Alternatively, a dash to the nearby islands of Praslin or Curieuse will offer safe harborage in one of their many sheltered bays.

Pro Tip: Contact the "Pier Master"  at least 24 hours in advance if possible, and again on arrival. - Tel +248 22 43 00 or VHF 16 to try to secure your spot in the port. Fuel and water is available on the jetty


 Things to Do on La Digue

The best way to experience La Digue is to do as the locals do - hire a bicycle and explore this small islands abundant offerings!

La Digue boasts two world famous beaches - Anse Source D'Argent  and Anse Coco - and both are definitely worth a visit. Historically, La Digue is a throwback to the way life in Seychelles used to be before recent modernisation. Specifically, the heritage site L'Union Estate is well worth a visit (and you have to pass through it anyway to get to Anse Source D'Argent). Generally though, the whole pace of the island and the many historic buildings will give you a great cultural kick. 

For nature lovers, the hiking is great with mountain (well, a small mountain), forest and beach works available. Beaches are pristine and some great snorkelling and swimming can be had. 

If a meal out is what your are up for, a few restaurants in the main village of La Passe (where the harbour is) offer some great meals and some have regular live music performances too. 

Even if you have no particular fancy, just being on La Digue and exploring it by bicycle or by foot (its small enough) is an experience in itself, and well worth the visit. 


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