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Sailing Seychelles: Sample 7 Day Itinerary for a great sailing escape

November 2, 2017

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TSN presents a sailors perfect itinerary for a 7day sail of the inner islands of Seychelles.


Seychelles is an island nation with 115 islands full of natural beauty. They are in two distinct groups including the Inner Island Group and the Outer Island Group and almost all of them are outside the cyclone belt. The 41 granitic Inner Islands cluster around the three principal islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahé and are the perfect playground for sailors wishing to get the most out of a short sailing adventure in Seychelles .

There are also two coral islands in the Inner Island Group. They are Denis Island and Bird Island. Sailing around the Seychelles’ Inner Islands offers miles of scenic coastline with safe anchorages and over 65 beaches on Mahe alone as well as many secret coves and grottoes.

Below, Taylor Smith Naval Services Seychelles presents you with a perfect 7-Day sailing itinerary for exploring the archipelagos granitic inner islands. Starting from Mahé, the country's main island and home to the international airport, follow a circular route as you explore the best the inner islands have to offer, before arriving back at Mahé 7 days later and filled to the brim with Seychelles' splendour.

Day 1: Mahé – Silhouette (19NM)

Set sail from Mahé Island and head west toward the island of Silhouette. ( TIP: Hug Mahé's coast as much and as safely as possible for breathtaking views, before setting your bearings for the crossing to silhouette)This large, mostly uninhabited, island is perfect for enjoying pristine nature, as 97% of its land mass and its surrounding waters are demarcated as nature reserves. Featuring primeval forests and unspoiled beache. Embark on a hike, visit the heritage and conservation sites and  meet the Seychelles giant tortoises.


Day 2. Silhouette – Ste. Anne (17NM)

Say farewell to the wonders of Silhouette and head back south towards Mahé to the tranquility of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. This 'mini-archipelago' is formed by cluster of six islands, with Ste. Anne being the largest of the group. Its coral reefs and calm waters are perfect for snorkelers and scuba diving, whilst some of the island's, especially Moyenne, can be explored on foot.

Day 3. Ste. Anne – Cousine – Praslin (20NM)

On our sailing itinerary for Seychelles we will be heading north and pass by the Cousin and Cousine islands. They are private islands and home to several species of protected birds and giant tortoises. Finally we will moor in Praslin for the night.

Day 4. Praslin – Explore Praslin

Spend the day exploring the island, by land or sea. If you fancy, head shore where the local bus service or taxis can give you an opportunity to explore Seychelles's second largest island. Or perhaps explore the coastline as you cruise around the island seeking out your next anchorages or visit one of the nearby island's, such as curieuse.


 Day 5. La Digue - Discover La Digue (5NM)

Arrive at Seychelles Fourth largest, but third most inhabited, island, La Digue. Sail around this picturesque island or, even better head ashore. Here you can cheaply hire bicycles and explore the island at your own leisure. Beautiful beaches, quaint neighbourhoods, restaurants and historical attractions are some of the things to expect here.


Day 6. Mahe, via Felicité, Marianne,  Soeur Islands (38NM)

Head back to Mahé via the breathtaking islands of Felicité, Marianne and Soeur Islands. Leave La Digue at daybreak to cruise at your leisure stopping off for a breakfast and a swim before the crossing  back to Mahé, taking in the beautiful views of these 3 islands. Plan ahead for the following day's exploration of Mahé Island by finding the perfect anchorage to fit into your plans (and don't forget to start the crossing with enough time to reach it by sunset).


Day 7 (or more).. Explore Mahé

Wake up off Mahé and end your sailing itinerary for Seychelles there. Here enjoy the splendours of the country's largest and most populated island. By ocean, there are dozens of bays, beaches and inlets to explore, as well as a few closely lying islands and islets. By land, bus, taxi or a guided tour are great way to discover any of the numerous attractions this island has to offer.

And remember, Taylor Smith Naval Services Seychelles, located on Mahé Island, is at your service for any spares, repairs and maintenance needs, as well as offering lift and launch and mooring.



If you have any questions, or would like to find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today!



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