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Sailing Seychelles: List of Restricted/Payable Moorings and Anchorages in Seychelles

October 24, 2017

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TSN presents a sailors guide to understanding restricted moorings and anchorages in Seychelles


Seychelles truly is a sailor's paradise. Not only are the calm safe waters and 115 islands every sailor's dream, but the country is very welcoming to visiting yachts and charter guests alike and  the infrastructure exists to facilitate anyone dreaming of a sailing adventure in the archipelago.

However, access to mooring in certain areas, as well as landing on some islands ios restricted. In this regard, find TSN's listified guide to these areas to help you plan your perfect Seychelles Sailing getaway!

Access and Landing Fees for protected Marine Parks

Seychelles has a few limitations for mooring near their Marine Parks, and certain rules apply and fees are applicable. However, the authorities have streamlined the process for the convenience of visitors. Yachts can arrive and anchor in theses specified zones marked for visitors within these marine parks. The Marine Park officials will then go to the yacht to collect the required fees for landing, entry or overnight mooring. 


The Reserves and Marine Parks are:

• Cousin
• Aride
• Curieuse Marine National Park
• Ste. Anne Marine National Park
• Ile Coco Marine National Park
• St. Pierre

Apart from the  designated marine parks, some of the 115 islands are privately owned or managed. Mooring/anchoring off of  or landing on these islands is therefore controlled.


Access and Landing for Private Islands

Entrance is controlled by the owners of privately owned or managed islands. To land on these islands the island management must be contacted for permission.


These islands are:

• Chauvre Souris
• Anonyme
• Cousine
• Denis
• Felicite
• D’Arros and St. Joseph Atoll
• Fregate
• Grand Soeur
• Moyenne
• North
• Petite Soeur
• Round Island near Mahe
• Round Island near Praslin

Apart from these privately owned islands and designated marine parks, The Island Development Company (IDC), a parastatal organisation, manages some of the other islands.


Access and Landing for IDC managed islands

The Island Development Company (IDC) manages the following islands and they must be contacted for permission to land on these islands.


These islands are:

• Alphonse Island
• Coetivy
• Bijoutier
• Desroches
• Poivre Atoll
• Platt
• Farquhar
• Providence Atoll
• Silhouette
• Remire
• St. Francois

This may seem like a lot of restrictions to wrap your head around, but for every island on this list there 5 x more to explore. And most of these islands offer some of the best beaches, exploring, snorkeling and diving the Seychelles has to offer. So don't be dismayed. And should you feel the desire to visit one of these restricted islands, simply contact the relevant authorities beforehand.

And remember, Taylor Smith Naval Services Seychelles, located on Mahé Island, is at your service for any spares, repairs and maintenance needs, as well as offering lift and launch and mooring.



If you have any questions, or would like to find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today!



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