Our Marine Fuel Dock in Seychelles


Enjoy Convenient Refuelling of Your Yacht or Boat | Visit our Marine Fuel Dock in Seychelles



Stationed at the entrance to our Marina and conveniently located at the main entrance to the Eden Island waterway and her many Marinas and Berths, our Fuel Dock offers both Diesel and Unleaded petrol for vessels moored with us or headed out to sea, as well as fuel optimisation services.

Our fuel storage tanks are above ground and we ensure that our fuel quality is always maintained. Furthermore, the location and layout of our Marine Fuel Dock in Seychelles makes refuelling your boat or yacht at Taylor Smith Naval Services convenient and hassle free.

Did you know? Did you know that at Taylor Smith Naval Services, Seychelles, we also offer fuel optimisation services? This includes fuel reconditioning, fuel tank cleaning and servicing of Genset fuel tanks.

Looking to refuel your boat or yacht in Seychelles? Located at the entrance to our marina, our convenient Marine Fuel Dock in Seychelles offers unleaded petrol and diesel. We also offer fuel optimisation services. Contact us to find out more.

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