Rodman Commercial Vessels for sale in Seychelles

Find the perfect boat to match the demands of your industry

Rodman's Range of Commercial Vessels

Looking to Purchase The Perfect Commercial Vessel in Seychelles?

Everyday thousands of Rodman commercial vessels go to work in various industries all around the world. From patrol vessels to working catamarans and passenger boats to Rodman's selection of unique builds, there is a vessel to meet the demands of your business venture or organisation. What's more, all builds can be custom finished to suit your unique requirements. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to provide you with personalised advice when choosing the prefect commercial vessel for your needs. With years of experience in the marine industry, and being ocean-lovers and sailors our selves, we can expertly advise and direct you to finding your ideal vessel and facilitate your custom order.Have a look around by following the links below, and contact us to set an appointment to discuss your purchase further. 

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Patrol Boats

Rodman patrol boats are held in high regard by the most demanding private owners and governmental agencies from around the world, thanks to their high quality build and excellent sailing performance. Rodman builds a wide range of patrol boats, all of them perfectly customised for their specific owner's needs.

Working Catamarans  

Rodman offers a wide range of working catamarans for different purposes and for different marine industries, in accordance with each customers’ requirements. Built to last and built to work, each model can be perfectly fitted and adapted to meet its intended purpose and the needs of its owner. 

Passenger Catamarans 

Rodman offers a wide range of passenger catamarans for different purposes and with varying passenger capacities, custom fitted in accordance with their customers’ unique requirements. Depending on the purpose and propulsion fitted, they can reach maximum speeds up to 33 knots.

Other Constructions

Besides the construction of patrol boats and catamarans, Rodman has a wide experience in the construction of other vessels such as pontoons and fishing boats. Rodman's attention to detail and adaptability in their construction process means that any vessel can be constructed and tailored to the needs of the owner.